Saturday, April 19, 2014

1st Family Photo Shoot

Our first family photo shoot with all the kids! Twins are a week away from turning 4 months old! Madison is 4 1/2! It will be awhile before we do this again, I didn't realize how stressful it can be getting to the location, dressed, fed and done in time to feed the babies again who have tried to stay awake during the photo shoot when they normally nap! They were troopers though!

Love this photo- Hudson is normally all smiles but I love his serious look here! 

This was right before Morgan's melt down :) You can tell she is thinking about it here!

Friday, April 4, 2014

3 Months Already!

I just gave away all the twins newborn clothes :( They have grown and changed so much!.I love having double the cheeks to kiss and double the buns to squish!

The twinkies we call them, both share a room, (separate cribs) and when I walk into their bedroom to feed them at 6am, they are sound asleep, the minute I undo the very loud velcro on either one of the twins swaddle, the other one starts to talk and squirm in excitement, the velcro gives it away, they totally know when I come to get them for food or to get out of the crib after a nap! So funny how they respond to the sound of Velcro! They do well sharing a room, most of the time they can sleep through each others cries and sounds so hopefully it stays that way!

A few days ago they smiled at each other for the first time with long stares like they finally got it, I have a sibling! I'm sure they have known in their own minds the other one existed but to see it show on their faces was really cute ;) I'm looking forward to more twin interaction and cooing that they can only understand!

Morgan still loves to stick her tongue out and lick things and Hudson is all smiles a good portion of the day unless you are late in feeding him, then he will let you have it! Both of them love Baby Einstein which is very nice for me to have a minute to cook up dinner! I have a pretty strict routine down most days which helps in keeping my sanity as well as the entire family going. The book baby wise has been WONDERFUL!!! I wasn't too strict with scheduling Madison's sleep as a baby, especially at night, but with the twins I did everything by the book! They have been sleeping through the night since 8 weeks so I have had plenty of sleep which has made having twins a much easier and fun experience! I think I'm finally adjusting to having 3 kids, not that its easy, it has some challenging days but God is good in giving me grace on the days that I need it, not that there is a day I don't but I know I can rely on his strength not my own. Feeling like I am spending enough time with all 3 kids every day is probably the hardest part, they all want my attention and the hours go by fast!

The days I take Madison to school are the most busy but we start out with feeding the twins at 6am which takes a hour including play time and diaper changes, twins go back down to sleep and Madison and I get breakfast, dressed and we are all out the door at 8:20! Its taken me weeks to learn how to get places on time and remember to bring the diaper bag with me but I think things are getting much easier and I realize I can't stay home all day even though its seems easiest at least now days!

2 months old- they look nothing alike! Morgan is still my tiny Madison :)

Morgan has an issue with keeping her hands to herself most the time they are on the mat together :) She is always grabbing at him or trying to lick him if she can get close enough :)

The tongue is always out! Is this Daddy's girl or what?

One of the first beach trips

They are about 6 weeks old in this photo

This is how we roll, we each feed one at the same time when we are out and about! Sean has been so great with whatever needs to be done at home with the kids which I am so thankful for :)

Love the sleep smiles :)

I think Hudson looks like Uncle Brent a little bit! Occasionally he will give me
a  Sean look though!

Big sister is having more fun with Hudson and Morgan now that they are 3 months and smile at her so we are making progress! She has asked to pick up the babies several times but hasn't on her own -thank goodness
 ( I think she wants to put them in her stroller)

4 1/2 yrs old!! Her world has changed so much and there are times when its harder for her to see me holding the babies all day but its good for her to have more playmates (one day) as well as to share time and learn how to be loving to them! The opportunities for her to help me are countless and she is learning to do that better each day. I always look forward to taking Madison on mommy and Madison dates when our babysitter comes during the week! I get to spend some solid time with her and love on just her!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Twins arrival!

Morgan Hope and Hudson Josiah arrived on December 19th 2013 at 7:47 and 7:48am, Hudson is older by 1 minute! I'm sure he will one day enjoy saying he is not the baby brother!

The morning of December 19th could not come fast enough for me! The pregnancy was getting very uncomfortable around 35 weeks, it was hard to sleep, eat and breathe because of all the pressure on my diaphragm along with a belly that didn't want to stretch any more :) By God's grace and looking forward to the joy of having to little ones join our family, I made it to the end!! There were a few days that I thought for sure they were coming early with contractions most the 3rd trimester; In fact the morning of my csection my contractions started up in full swing and faster by the time I delivered that morning; what good timing!

We are so thankful that both arrived healthy at 5lbs 4 oz and 5lbs 8oz and in 3 weeks both have gained over a pound and into newborn clothes! They both came home with us Monday, December 23rd just in time for Christmas!

God's gifts are so good and we are enjoying these 2 little babies so much. Its fun getting to know them and see the different personalities shine through, even at 3 weeks old!
Hudson loves our attention, likes to be held, likes to sleep, hates baths and diaper changes! Morgan is silly, smiles everyday, seems to have a very sweet disposition and loves to stick her tongue out and has her eyes open almost 24 hours a day it seems! She even smiles when Hudson cries during his diaper change, just a glimpse of the sibling rivalry already! They do wake each other up to eat at the same time and I've learned to keep a good eating schedule to make life more manageable, leaving the house is another story! It takes FOREVER!!!! (and I need to upgrade to a bigger diaper bag)

Morgan, Madison and Hudson- 10 days old

So tiny!!

Love Madison's cute little face in this photo! 

Life with 3 kids sure is a party! Its so busy and crazy most days but cuddling all of them is wonderful! 
Madison is still adjusting to sharing time with Mom and Dad with her new siblings but each day there is some progress and I'm hoping once they start interacting with her in another few months I'm sure she will love the attention she gets from them giggling at her. Madison likes being able to pick out their outfits; she held Morgan's tiny hand on the way to the doctor in the car and even puts their binki's in their mouths for me :)